Manage Dispositions

In the upper right corner of your screen, select the dropdown arrow next to your Campaign name. From here, select "Manage Dispositions"

From here, you can organize the available Dispositions into one of two categories: "Revisit" and "Do Not Revisit." Simply drag-and-drop a disposition to move it from one category to the other. Dispositions that are under "Revisit" will mark a door or number for future visit later in the Effort. Dispositions that are under "Do Not Revisit" will remove the door or number from those available.

Setting Dispositions

You can set Dispositions to be chosen for a given Survey. From the "Surveys" page, select the Survey that you would like to set Dispositions for, or create a new Survey. Note that any Survey with 

  has been used for an Effort and is not able to be edited.

Select "Disposition" on the left side of the screen. Mark which Dispositions you would like your workers to be able to select when completing this Survey. You can select as many Dispositions as you'd like, but you must have at least one Disposition selected for a valid Survey. The "Export As" column shows how the chosen Disposition will show up when you export your data. You can read more about exporting your data in this article: Exporting Data.

Once you are done, select 

  at the top of the screen to save your Survey. When you select this Survey for use in a Canvassing Effort, your workers can now select any marked Dispositions for reasons of non-contact.

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