Flag the information as a custom tag:

Anything appearing within the "<" and ">" signs will automatically be read as variable information based on the contact from your data file. 

Example 1:

If you wanted to include the Contact's polling location you can write this in message question type:


Example 2:

Including a Contact's address as a message, so the Worker can confirm address on file.

Look up the the tag code you need:

In order to include variable information, you'll need to know the proper formatting.

Below, you will find a list of commonly used tags and their meanings that can be used for reference. The information in the "field name" category is what you should import into your Survey, just like in the examples above.

To insert variable information from a custom field, use the exact "Nickname" of the custom field that you created in the Import Mapping page. Use "_" for spaces, and make sure that the format and capitalization are identical to the Nickname you created: 

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