Step 1: Create New Survey

After clicking the Survey Tab, you’ll arrive at the Survey home page. This is where you can view, duplicate, archive and sort your Surveys. To create a new Survey select 

 in the upper right corner of the screen.


At any point while creating your Survey, you can undo or redo an action using the buttons at the top of the page. You can also save to prevent from losing your work.

 Components of a Survey

Question types You can explore the various types of Questions in this article: An Introduction to Question Types.

Person Info anything checked will be visible in the mobile app if it is included in your original data set. You can also check off the box to add new person and the fields you'd like to collect on new folks you encounter in the field.

Dispositions are not customizable but manageable into 2 categories "Revisit in Future efforts"(These people will remain on your list) and "Do Not revisit in future efforts" (These people will drop off of your list). Just like the "Person Info" tab you must check the box next to the dispositions you want to use in the mobile app. 

Learn more about Dispositions here: Managing Dispositions.

There are three main components of a Survey: the Questions, the Save As field, and the Next Question column.

  • The Questions column is the text that the Canvasser will see on the device. 


The Save As column is important for data management. This is how the results of questions will be displayed when you export the data, so it’s important to make it specific to each question and keep it short. If you are a NationBuilder client, this column determines the tag on the contacted voter’s profile. We recommend choosing field names that are similar to the database you will be uploading the data into (VoterID, Vol2014) or by using a simple code (Q1,Q2) that you can reference from the survey. Do not leave the Save As column empty for any questions. For more information about exporting data, see this article: Exporting Data.


The Next Question column is where the question branching and Survey architecture is set. Simply click the number and a drop down menu will show all available questions. When a Canvasser selects an answer, the next Question presented will be determined by the Next Question column. Any time you move a question, the advanced logic will reset, so we recommend adding all the questions and putting them in order before editing the Next Question logic. 


Step 2: Add Questions

To add a question to your Survey, click on a question type from the left panel, which will immediately add that question type to the bottom of the survey. You can also drag the question type to the position you want in the question list. 

Double click on the question to begin editing. More information on question types here. Remember to both fill out the text of the question and the Save As field for every question.

Step 3: Arranging Questions/Branching/Script Logic

To rearrange questions, select the question number on the left and drag up and down the page to place.

To prevent any missing questions or broken logic, the Next Question advanced logic column resets any time you move a question. We suggest building and arranging all questions first and setting the Next Question logic last.


Step 4: Adding Dispositions

On the left side of the window, you'll see three tabs: Questions, Person Info, and Dispositions. The Dispositions are options the Worker will have if they are unable to speak to the person at a household. We suggest using the same set of Dispositions across all surveys to ensure that all collected data is consistent throughout the campaign.

Step 5: Save your survey!


 in the upper right corner of the screen to save your Survey. You cannot leave the "Edit Survey" screen without saving or discarding any changes.

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