Copy Survey

By selecting the "Copy Survey" button, you can create a duplicate of the Survey. This will allow you to make edits to a locked Survey that you are no longer able to make changes to.


Archive Survey

Another option available when hovering over a survey is the ability to archive Surveys that you are no longer actively using. This will hide the Survey, as well as hiding the results available from the "Results" screen.

You can make all archived Surveys visible by selecting “Show Archived” in the top menu. To unarchive a Survey, simply select the same "Archive" icon when hovering over an archived Survey.

Edit Surveys

 By selecting the "Edit Survey" pencil icon, you can change the display name of your Survey.

Locked Surveys

Once you launch an Effort, the Survey associated with that Effort will lock and cannot be edited. This is to protect against any data loss from accidentally deleting a question on a Survey that has already been canvassed. See here for more details on how to edit a locked Survey.

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