If your List tab is cluttered with old Lists and Imports, use the Archive tool to streamline these pages. Lists and Imports cannot be deleted in order to preserve the integrity of data, but archiving allows the user to clean up the List tab for optimal functionality. 

Archiving Imports/Lists

To Archive an import or List, simply click the downward arrow button to the right of the location. 

Archived Imports and Lists can be found by clicking on the file box icon in the upper righthand corner. 

To unarchive Lists and Imports, hover over the archived file and click the upward arrow icon on the right.

Archiving Best Practices

  • Note that all sublists must be archived before the Masterlist they are associated with is archived. When unarchiving, the Masterlist must be unarchived before its associated Sublists can be unarchived. 

  • When a List or Import is archived, it can not be used in an active Effort. Unarchive a List or Import if you wish to use it in an Effort.

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