Start Canvassing

Upon login, workers will see the information regarding their assigned effort. Workers can click on “Get Started” to begin canvassing.

Without a pre-loaded household list, workers should click the “Plus” icon in the upper right to add a new person to the Hotspot survey.


Adding a Person

Upon clicking the “Plus” icon, workers will be presented with the Survey screen. Here, they are able to begin surveying.

The worker can gather information about the person being surveyed by switching to the Person Info tab. This tab allows the worker to collect any personal information that you have set when creating your Survey.

Review and Submit

To remain flexible during the interview, workers can submit their information in several ways.

  1. Workers can complete the survey and personal information, then click "Submit."

2. Workers can click 

 at any time to review and/or submit the information.

3. Workers can click 

 to discard the collected information.

A new pin is generated on the map when a survey record is submitted. Workers can clearly see the locations where they conducted their surveys.

If workers submit survey records outside of their assigned turfs, Managers can see a 

representing the actual location where the survey was conducted.

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