Using the Turf Drawing Tool

By activating the Turf Drawing Tool on the top of the map, users can draw their own Turfs. Select a starting position on the map, then click on another location to set the radius of the Turf. The Turf will automatically resize based on the location of your cursor.


Search to Create Turf

You can use the Search Bar located in the upper left of the map to find locations by keyword (ie. commercial site, district, zip code, address, etc.).


Users can click on the pin at the location to see more information. Click "Create Hotspot here" to create a new Turf centered on this location with the default radius specified during Effort creation.

Resizing a Turf

To adjust the size of a Turf, click on the Turf to initiate resizing mode. Drag on any of the white dots around the Turf to change the size of the Turf.

If users aren’t satisfied with the resize, users can reverse the change by clicking the undo button in the upper right corner to undo the resize. 

Assign Workers

Once you have created your desired Turfs, you can assign Workers to your Turfs. Click on the Workers tab on the left side of the screen. All Workers that are currently unassigned to a turf will appear in grey boxes. Drag a worker onto any Turf to assign that worker to that Turf. Multiple Workers can be assigned to the same Turf.

When users assign a Worker to an overlapped Turf area, a dialog will appear to allow users to determine which Turf to assign.

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