Address Lists are preexisting Lists of Hotspot canvassing sites and are not required for Hotspot canvassing.

Preparing Your Address List

Address lists must be a .CSV (comma separated value) files, and must have less than 1,000 addresses. If your Address List includes Longitude and Latitude geocode fields, only 'Street' and 'City' fields are required.

Required Fields (unless your file has Longitude and Latitude fields):

- Street Number 

- Street

- Apartment

- City

- Zip Code

- State

- Country

Additional  Fields (optional):

- Latitude (numeric)

- Longitude (numeric)

- Address Landmark

- Address ID 

- Hotspot Radius (numeric)

- Radius Unit 




Once your file is cleaned and includes all required fields, you are able to import into Organizer to map your sites.

1) In the Lists section, click on 'Go to Imports' on the top right. Then click the '+' icon to start a new import.

2) In the next window, select 'Address List' form the drop down menu on the top right. Name your import, choose your .CSV file, and click 'Continue.'

3) The next page will be the mapping page. Map all required file fields into Organizer by dragging all blue fields from your file on the right, to the corresponding Organizer field on the left. Click 'Start Import'


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