Three Turf Cutting Tools

There are three main tools you will use to cut Turf: the hand tool, the shape tool, and the square tool. Keep in mind that you cannot create Turf that overlaps.

Shape Tool

  • Point to point Turf boundary creation tool

  • Complete shapes by connecting end point with start point



Square Tool

  • Draws a rectangle shape that creates Turf boundaries

  • Click any point and drag the cursor to create rectangle border


 Hand Tool

  • Selecting and editing Turf

  • To do so, simply right click anywhere inside the Turf, but not on top of a household or the turf number. This makes the boundaries available to edit by dragging the white dots. After adjusting a small arrow will pop up to undo the adjustment.



  • Moving the map: With the hand tool click the map and drag to shift the map view

  • Bisecting Turf (see instructions below)

Bisecting Turf

To split a Turf or cut a portion into another Turf, you can use the Bisect Turf feature. Using the hand tool, simply click a point within the Turf where you’d like the boundary and you'll see a red triangle drop at that point (bottom left in Turf). Then click on a second point within the Turf.


That will split the Turf along the line that is drawn between those points and extending to the border of the Turf.


You will not be able to drop bisect points on top of households or on top of the actual Turf number.

Merge Turfs

To combine two adjacent Turfs, first click on the Merge button/icon at the top of the Turf cutting window. You may only combine Turfs that have been bisected or cut by precinct. 

Then select the two Turfs to merge and they will merge into one single Turf.


(Turf 1 is selected)


Undo and Redo

You may undo or redo any changes made while Turf cutting. The buttons to do so are located in the top right corner of the window. If you cannot see these buttons, try widening your browser window.

Reset Turfs

Another way to erase Turfs is to reset all Turf. This will clear the screen of all created Turfs, leaving you a blank slate.

Delete Turf

To delete just one Turf polygon hover over the Turf name in the left hand column. A button will appear to close just that Turf. 

Copy Turfs

With the copy Turf feature, you can copy over Turf from a previous Effort.

Select Copy Turf button and a pop up box will appear where you may select two items: the date and Effort from which you'd like to copy Turf. Copy Turf is especially useful if you’re canvassing the same area again or running multiple Efforts repeatedly in the same area.


The Turf numbers and the Worker assigned to that Turf will copy from the Effort you choose.

To copy Turf and Workers, you need to create a new Effort. Then you can copy Turf and Workers and edit the Effort before launching.  

Auto Cut Turf

From the menu on the Effort canvass map, select "Auto-Cut Turf"

When the pop up box appears, select the field you would like to auto-cut Turfs by. Organizer will automatically cut your people on the map into those Turfs by unique value, up to 150 turfs.

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