Assigning a Worker

After cutting Turf and creating Workers, simply click on and drag a Worker from the left panel onto a Turf. 

After assigning a Worker to a Turf, you’ll notice their ID color and number will change to that of the Turf they’re assigned.

Multiple Workers in One Turf

You can assign multiple Workers to one Turf. While out in the field, canvassers can see in real-time which houses their partner has completed and which were not home. It is important that the area being canvassed has full wireless service or else the data cannot be received by Organizer and pushed out to the other canvassers' phones in real-time. 


Un-Assign Worker

To un-assign a Worker from a Turf, simply drag the Worker from the Worker panel to a non-assigned part of the map. You can also hover over the Turf number next to the Worker's name and press the button that appears to un-assign the Worker.


Their ID color will go back to gray and they will not have a Turf assigned to them and will be unable to login to this effort.


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