To create a new text effort, click on Toolkit > Text. From there, select "Create New."

The first step asks you to name your text effort, the audience you are texting, and start/end dates. 

When adding the Audience for your text effort, you can select one or more segments to target. Additionally, you can select segments to exclude if you don't want to text a specific audience. 

You can also add this effort to a Campaign or Folder, both are optional.  

Click Next.

Area Codes
The next step asks you to choose the area codes you will be texting from.  This is the area code that will appear on your supporters' phones when they receive a text from you.  

You can choose a certain state and drill down on area code, search for specific area code(s) you want, or even choose "use any area code" if you don't have a preference.

Click Next.

This step allows you to setup the message you will be sending to your supporters. You can add things like personalization tags, emojis, and even choose how you want to assign conversations once your supporters start responding.

 There are a few options when assigning conversations:

  1. Original Sender: conversations will be assigned to the person who sends the message.

  2. Specific Users at Random: conversations will be assigned to any user(s) you choose, think of this as a round-robin.

  3. You: conversations will be assigned to you.

This is your opportunity to review your previous three steps and make any edits, if necessary.  Once you click Publish, head on over to the Send Queue to start sending your messages!

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