Once you have created a Daytripper route, you can knock on households via a mobile device or download the route and upload the information at a later time.

You can download your route by clicking on Toolkit > Canvass. Select the Daytripper that is active and click into it.

Once you clicked into the Daytripper effort, click on the triple-dot menu next to the route and click on "Download" to download the route for offline purposes. 

Note: Only single-select and multi-select questions (not questions requiring text answers) will populate in Daytripper printouts. If your survey requires text answers, please edit and modify before printing.

Once you have clicked on "Download," you will receive a printout of the route and the survey keys on the first page. 

On the second page of the printout, you will see the individual's name, physical address, and the survey questions. 

As you're knocking on doors, fill in the appropriate sections so you can upload the data into your account at a later time. 

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