To create a customized email template, go to Toolkit > Email > Create New. 

Next, select whether you'd like to send a regular or automated email.

Complete the Basics step by naming your email, selecting its audience and adding it to a campaign (optional). You can also create you email's subject line and its 'From Name' and email, as well as an optional 'Reply-To Name' and email. 

Customizing Your Email Template

The next step is to select and customize your email template. Crowdskout's email tool comes pre-populated with eight standards templates and a basic text template. 

Select the template you'd like to customize and then click on the triple dot menu in its upper righthand corner. Click on 'Copy as My Template."

After you select to copy this template, you will be taken to the design workflow. Customize your template by editing its content, rows, and settings. 

Click here to learn more about advanced email design.

Be sure to name your template once you've finished customizing, by clicking on the pen icon in the upper lefthand corner. Then, select save in the upper righthand corner.

Once saved, your template will be available under "My Templates" each time you create a new email.

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