When importing checkbox values with a comma, it's important to remember how to properly format your file before you begin the import process.

If your values include a comma example
If the checkbox name is "School Name" and the values for that checkbox are "Connecticut, Public" and "Connecticut, Private" make sure you properly format your file before importing.

The default behavior when importing checkbox attributes (meaning it accepts multiple values) is to split up spreadsheet values for checkbox attributes on commas. E.g. Value 1, Value 2 in the spreadsheet translates to Value 1 and Value 2 being selected for that checkbox attribute.

Because  individual attribute values have commas in the name, Crowdskout will break the single value to two separate values (e.g. Connecticut and {{Public)}}). 

The proper solution here is that when importing checkbox attributes that have commas, they need to be wrapped in double-quotes (e.g. {{Connecticut, Public"}}) in the spreadsheet. This also allows importing multiple school names in a single spreadsheet cell (e.g. "Value 1, (A)", "Value 2, (B)").

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