The stats displayed in Toolkit > Phone Bank provide an overview of how your phone bank is performing.  Let's break it down.

% Complete: number of surveys completed plus the number of unsuccessful calls (626) divided by the total number of profiles in the phone bank (52,690).

Surveys Completed:
total number of successful calls.  Each time a successful call is submitted, a form attached to that phone bank is also submitted.  

Unsuccessful: The number of unsuccessful calls.  An unsuccessful call is any the following dispositions, disconnected or left message or refused call or wrong number.

Segmenting by Phone Bank Stats
To segment on a particular phone bank, click on Audience > Activity > Phone Call. This number will give you the total number of people dialed, inclusive of all dispositions.  

So, how do you find stats that align with the numbers in your phone bank?

Surveys Completed
As mentioned above, surveys completed includes both a successful phone call and a survey.  You can segment on the phone call by clicking on Activity > Phone Call > Phone Name:  ____ > Disposition: Successful.   This will give you the total numbers of successful phone calls, the same number you see in the phone bank stats.

You can also segment on the form by clicking on Audience > Activity > Form > Form Name.

To segment on the number of unsuccessful calls in Audience, click on Activity > Phone Call > Phone Name:  ____ > Disposition: Disconnected OR Left Message OR Refused Call OR Wrong Number.  

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