Facebook Custom Audiences

Facebook Custom Audiences is an ad targeting option that lets you find people who already know your business on Facebook. For further information on how Facebook Custom Audiences work, click here for Facebook's Help Center. 

How do I connect to Facebook Custom Audiences in Crowdskout? 

Once logged into Crowdskout, click Settings > Integrations > Facebook Custom Audiences. 

Name the Facebook Custom Audience connection. Make sure to name each account accordingly as this descriptive text will translate to a custom attribute. This custom attribute will tag each profile pulled in from Facebook Custom Audiences. Each Facebook Custom Audiences account added will have its own unique custom attribute that you assign during set up. 

You can connect as many Facebook Custom Audiences accounts as you want.

Click on "Continue with Facebook" to continue connecting through your Facebook account.

How do I push my audience to Facebook? 

To start sending your audience from Crowdskout to your Facebook ad account, start cutting audiences through the Audience tool to target directly on Facebook.

Once you create your Audience, click the "Take Action" button next to your segment/list name. 

Then click "Advertise" to send your audience to Facebook.

Once you have selected "Advertise," type in your List Name and select "Facebook Custom Audiences" under "Advertising Service." 

Select your Connection, which Facebook ad account you would like to export to, and add a description if you wish!

Once you click "Export," your audience will be exported into you Facebook ad account.

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