Once you complete the first step of creating your Campaign, you can start adding activities to be associated with it.


In this step, you can select any activities you want to be associated with your Campaign. This includes any emails sent, doors knocked, phone calls made and much more. 

For example, if you wanted to associate an email with your Campaign, select "Email Send" from the drop-down, and drill down further to the email name.

Click on Save Selection to add that activity to your Campaign.

You can add as many activities to your Campaign by clicking on + Add Activity. 

If you click on "Show All Criteria" it will display all the criteria that you can further drill down on. It allows you to get as granular as you wish when associating profiles with your Campaign.

For the activity "Forms," for example, once you click on "Show All Criteria," It allows you to click on the Form Name, the specific questions and answers associated with that form, as well as the Collector of the form etc.

Let's say you only want profiles that answered a particular question on a form to be part of your Campaign -- by clicking on "Show All Criteria," it allows you to pick that specific audience. 

Remember to click on "Save Selections," to save that activity and click on Next once you're done adding all the activities to your Campaign.

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