Campaigns allows you to manage and track everything related to your campaign or efforts all in one place. 

To create a Campaign, click on "Campaigns" on the left-hand side of your screen and select "New Campaign" or "Create New."

There are three steps in creating your Campaign:

  1. Basics

Start by naming your Campaign and select any pre-existing audience (List or Segment) that you want associated with your effort. 

Selecting an Audience is an optional step. You can add as many segments and lists as you'd like for your Campaign. 

Add your Campaign to a folder and write a brief description of your effort. 

This step is optional. 

Click Next to add Activities to your Campaign.

2. Activity 

In this step, you can select any activities you want to be associated with your Campaign. This includes any emails sent, doors knocked, phone calls made and much more. 

For example, if you wanted to associate an email with your Campaign, select "Email Send" from the drop-down, and drill down further to the email name.

Click on Save Selections to add that activity to your Campaign.

You can add as many activities to your Campaign by clicking on + Add Activity. 

Remember to click on Save Selections to save that activity. Click Next once you're done adding all the activities to your Campaign.

Click here to learn more about adding Activities to your Campaign. 

3. Finish 

This step is where you can review your Campaign before you publish it. 

You can click on the pen icon next to any box to edit the content. If everything looks great, click on Publish to save and publish your Campaign.

Once you've published your Campaign, you can access your Campaign by clicking on "Campaigns" on the left hand side. 

You can click on the Take Action button to engage with the audience associated with your Campaign or visualize them by creating charts or goals.

If you click on the triple-dot menu, you can edit the Campaign, add it to a folder, add the Campaign to another one, or delete it all together. 

Campaign Details and Statistics

The "Audience Total" shows the number of profiles associated with that Campaign.

The "Effort Total" shows the number of efforts associated with your Campaign. This would be the number of Activities you selected in step 2. 

The "End Date" shows the date your Campaign ends/ended if you added that data to your Campaign. 

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