You can now spin up landing pages when creating an Advocacy effort

Landing Pages are an optional step. The first thing you need to do is setup a subdomain in Settings > General > Landing Pages. See screen shot below for reference. You will need to access your DNS settings to verify your domain before spinning up a landing page.

Once you've verified your domain, you can then click on Toolkit > Advocacy to start configuring your landing page.

Domain is the only required field when spinning up your landing page.

  • Page Title: this will appear on your tab and window bar

  • Page Description: this will appear when shared in third-party link previews i.e. Facebook, Google

  • Favicon: the small icon that will appear in the tab and browser title bar

  • Logo: import your logo here

  • Logo Alt Text: add alternative text for your logo here

  • Logo URL: your web visitors will be directed here when they click on your logo.

  • Brand: choose your brand colors for your landing page

  • Background Image: this optional image will appear in the top background of the page behind your content

You then have the option to add language to your page and any disclosures or privacy URL's.  

Click "Save" to save your work! 

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