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To import vote history in Crowdskout, first, make sure that your CSV is formatted correctly to import. These are the fields that can be imported for vote history: 

  • Vote History -- the title/name of your voting history 

  • Election Year -- open text field

  • Election State -- choose your election State 

  • Election Type -- the type of election (i.e. Congressional General, Congressional Primary, Convention, Fall Runoff, General, etc.) 

To further import data such as whether on not an individual voted, voted early, or has casted an absentee ballot, you can format your file like so:

Column H includes all the data from Column D - G in chronological order NOT separated by a comma.

Column A includes Crowdskout ID. If you are importing data for a profile that already exists in your account, we recommend you import the file with their Crowdskout ID. 

When importing, only import Column A (Crowdskout ID) and Column H (Voted, Voted Early, Voted Absentee, Voted Party). Map Column H to Vote History, and fill in the required fields. 

Once you click on Inspect, Crowdskout will ask you to map the appropriate fields for Column H. 

Update your fields in column H like so: 

Once you finish mapping your fields, you will see the data you just imported under a profile's Civic tab.

You should be able to see the election year, election type, whether or not they voted, voted early, voted absentee, and/or their voted party. 

Additionally, you can segment on this data by going to Audience > Civic > Vote History. Pick your election and drill down further on whether or not they voted.


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