Once you created your new account through Settings > Quartermaster. You can start customizing how you want to share or receive your data with your other accounts.

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You can choose whether or not which data points you want to share between accounts. In order to determine which data points you want to share, make sure the account you want to share data with is set as a "Customize" option.

For example, I want to share data from my parent account (Crowdskout ) to my child account "Middlesex County." Click on the option Customize in the sharing data section, and then click on the gear icon to do so. 

Here you can customize which source permission you want to grant or deny access to Middlesex County.

What you see here is that the account (Crowdskout) can deny access or grant access to the account (Middlesex County) in four different sources: Manual, Imported, Digital, and Excluded. 

Manual Source: The data that someone has manually inputted into the account "Crowdskout" This includes all the new profiles that were created manually or any manual edits such as editing a profile's name etc. 

Imported Source: This source allows you to either grant or deny sharing your imported CSV files you made in the account "Crowdskout" 

You can also choose which CSV file you want to share with accounts. 

Digital Source: Allows users to grant or deny access to your digital data. This includes data from your tracking code or any data in the digital tab of a profile such as the IP address, or social media networks.

Excluded Source: Grant or deny the ability for an account to delete profiles 

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