There are a few different criteria Crowdskout's matching algorithm looks for when trying to append two or more profiles together. Below are the criteria Crowdskout looks for:

1.) First Name + Last Name + One Unique Identifier (email address, physical address, or phone number)

If two profiles only have emails and the emails are the same, those two profiles will merge.

2.) Through State Voter IDs

When importing a new profile that has a State Voter ID, then the State Voter ID will only match IF the "State Registered" is a match as well. 

As in, if the import has no "State Registered" listed in their voter registration, then the State Voter ID will not match for those profiles. 

State Voter ID will match if:

State Voter ID + State Registered = the Same 

3.) Through External IDs
External ID's include IDs from your third-party tool, such as Salesforce ID, CMDI People ID and so on and so forth.

If external ID's, i.e. Salesforce IDs, CMDI People IDs etc. are the same -- those profiles will merge. 

*They have to be trusted External IDs 

If you are still seeing duplicate profiles even when all profiles have identical contact information, let your Customer Success Manager know and they can help you!

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