Once you set up your account, you are prompted to add in your billing information. You can do so by going to Settings > Billing

Click on "Add Method" and add in your personal information. 

Then click on "Save Payment Method" to add your card. 

Click on "Add Method" to add multiple payment methods. (This is optional). 

You have the ability to make any of your payment methods your default payment method. In order to make one of your cards the default card, click on "Make Default" on the bottom-right corner:

Once you added your payment method and information, you can access your billing through Settings > Billing. You can view your invoice under "Overview." From here, you can see a snapshot of how many records you have, number of users, number of emails sent, or any other additional apps you have in your account. 

You can see all your transaction history and status of your payment under "Invoices."

Furthermore, you can add new apps from within your account by clicking on "Add Apps" next to the "Overview" title, or click on the arrow menu on the upper-right-hand corner. Then click on "Add Apps" through the drop-down menu. 

Once you clicked on "Add Apps" you can purchase any of the additional apps such as Daytripper, Operator, Quartermaster, and Advocate Federal and Advocate State. Once you purchased them, they will be listed as "Connected" and you will see it under "Overview" on your bill.

If you don't have Billing as an option in your account and have questions, contact your Customer Success Manager or email us at customersuccess@crowdskout.com.

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