You can match and merge external ID's for profiles when importing data into Crowdskout through our Import Tool. External ID's include IDs from your third-party tool, such as Salesforce ID, CMDI ID, and so on. 

Import both the external ID and the external ID type through the import tool.

Click on External ID: 

You are required to map External ID Type. External ID type is the type of the external ID you are importing such as CMDI ID, Salesforce ID, etc.

Once imported, you can segment on your data by going into Audience > Contact > Has External ID > External ID Service. 

Once you import a file with external ID's and the external ID type, the matching algorithm will then match based on that external ID. This behavior works the same as all other matching criteria excluding Crowdskout ID.

Matching Algorithm:  
There are a few different criteria Crowdskout's matching algorithm looks for when trying to append two or more profiles together. Below are the criteria Crowdskout looks for:

First Name + Last Name + one unique identifier (email or address or phone)

If two profiles only have emails and the emails are the same, those two profiles will merge.

If external ID's, i.e. Salesforce IDs, voter IDs etc. are the same-- those profiles will merge.
For more information on how profiles merge, check out this article: How do profiles merge? 

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