You can import third-party submissions through the Import tool as an activity. Once imported, you can segment down on third-party submission data by going to Audience > Segments > Activity > Third-Party Submission.

Step 1: To import third-party submission in Crowdskout, first, make sure that your CSV is formatted correctly to import. As a note, you cannot import submission answers. You can also include in your import any custom attributes or profile field data to append to the profile that has the submission. There are two fields that can be imported for a third-party submission:

  • Date Submitted -- this needs to be formatted in numeric form such as ##/##/####

  • Third-Party Submission URL -- this is a custom text field and needs to be the URL of where the third-party submission was submitte

Step 2:

Once you have finished formatting your file, save it as a CSV and drag/drop your CSV to the import tool. Map each column to each field in the Import Tool and when you come to the columns with third-party submission information, select from the drop-down menu under Activity > Third-Party Submission

Click on the Third Party Submissions folder to get these mapping options:

Add a global column to any third-party submission field that applies to the entire import. For example, if your entire file has a "Third Party Submission URL" as "" you can apply that URL to the entire file. Click "Make Global Value" as seen here and add the Third-Party Submission URL in the next column. 

Type the URL in the next column:

Step 3:

Once you’ve finished mapping out your CSV, proceed with inspecting, processing, and importing the file.

Once your file has imported, each third-party submission will show up in the Activity timeline in a profile.

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