To complete a Daytrip on mobile first, make sure that you have a Daytrip created and that routes have been assigned.

First, log into Crowdskout on your mobile device and select the account that the Daytrip is associated with. Next, click on the menu bar located on the top-right corner. Select the Tools tab from the left tab and select Daytripper.

Once you're on the Daytripper dashboard, select which Daytrip you would like to complete. 

Select which route you would like to complete from the list of routes.

You will then be prompted with a map of the area you will be canvassing and the first house for you to complete a knock and survey. 

Select "Start Survey" to start the survey after you've knocked on the door.

Next, choose the profile in the household that answered the door.  You also have the option to "add person" if someone else answers.

Conduct the survey with the person that answers the door on your mobile device. 

Once your survey is complete click "Submit and Select Person" to fill out a survey for another person in the household or select "Submit and Next Household" to move on to the next household.

Once you've selected to go to the next household, you'll be taken back to the map to move to the next household.  

From here, select the next house in the list and repeat the above steps until the route is complete. 

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