You can easily get donations collected through Stripe into Crowdskout through the import tool. First export and download a CSV of donation transactions through Stripe.

Once you've logged into Crowdskout, click on Settings > Import. Drag and drop or browse and select the raw Stripe file from your computer. You do not need to convert any of the data to Crowdskout fields, the import tool will do that for you.

Select "Stripe" from the dropdown that says "Was this file exported from another service?" Then, select "Next" to move on to the next step.

Crowdskout will then convert your Stripe file to Crowdskout fields. You can apply global columns as you map by clicking on "Make Global Value." 

Once you have mapped all your fields and applied a global value as applicable, you then click on "Inspect" to inspect your files for errors. 

You can track your import progress, by going into Settings > Import. Under the Status column, you can see whether your file is in the process of "Inspecting, Processing, Imported, or Have Errors." 

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